General Concepts

This chapter describes general concepts on ODA data sources and the usage of data clusters.

ODA Data Sources

The Business Analysis and Reporting Component exposes process model and runtime data as implementations of the Open Database Access (ODA) extension points.

Create Data Source


Instances of these data sources can be used as any other ODA data source in a BIRT Report Designer. Configuration of the two Stardust ODA data sources is explained here.

Using Clusters

The Business Analysis and Reporting Component supports the usage of data clusters for data sets to enhance performance. It is not possible to enable or disable the cluster like it is with the Stardust Process engine. Thus, if a cluster exists, it will be used.

Data Clusters provide a way to speed up queries by reducing the necessary amount of database join operations on the data set table. To accomplish this, data-specific cluster tables may be created consisting of several data slots, each containing a replica of the referenced data value. For every data joined for predicate evaluation, the query builder just has to decide if the data is available inline in a cluster table and to replace SQL alias and attribute names accordingly.

To get detailed information on how to configure data clusters please refer to the chapter Tuning for Performance via Data Clusters of the Operation Guide.