Upgrading to Later Versions

If you are upgrading to a later release of Stardust from an earlier release, there are a few things you have to take in account. The following sections document the changes required for specific issues.

For general upgrading, refer to the following topics:

For details on how to upgrade a Stardust version, refer to the Installation Guide. For known issues while upgrading, please refer to the Troubleshooting chapter.

Runtime Upgrade

To upgrade the audit trail from a previous Stardust version, use the following sysconsole command:

sysconsole upgraderuntime

with the following arguments:

For detailed information on the sysconsole command, refer to chapter The Sysconsole Command of the Operation Guide.

Refer to the release notes of the current Stardust version ( Release Notes 1.1.2 ) for details on runtime upgrades like schema changes that will be performed with this command on earlier versions.

General Model Upgrade

You can perform a model upgrade via the Sysconsole command or from the Eclipse environment.

Upgrading with the Sysconsole Command Tool

Please ask your administrator to perform the upgrade or use the sysconsole command option upgrademodel to upgrade to a newer Stardust version:

sysconsole upgrademodel -file <file> -source <source> -target <target>


For more information on using the sysconsole command please refer to the chapter The Sysconsole Command in the Operation Guide.

Upgrading in Eclipse Environment

In case you import a model in Eclipse with an earlier Stardust version than you use, you will be prompted and asked if you want to upgrade to the currently installed version. Click Yes to upgrade the model.

Upgrading Process Manager Facets

Currently there is no automated facility for upgrading the libraries contained in existing Dynamic Web projects with Stardust facets to the most recent Stardust version. In that case you have to upgrade the Process Manager facets manually as described in detail in the section Upgrading Process Manager Facets of the chapter Creating a Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse .