Using Structured Types in the Stardust Portal

GUI Generation for Manual Activities

The Stardust Workflow Execution Perspective supports the automatic generation of GUI forms to display and modify data of structured data types.

Manual Activities in the Stardust Portal

If Manual activities are activated in the JSF-based Workflow Execution Perspective> a form is created at runtime for all data mappings whose endpoints return

data types.

For the primitive and structured data the following mapping rules are used

Data Mapping Endpoint Type GUI Element
Integer, float or string type Entry fields with corresponding validation rules. Readonly, when the data mapping is an IN path only.
Boolean type Checkbox. Readonly, when the data mapping is an IN path only.
Enumeration type Combo box with enumeration keys. Readonly, when the data mapping is an IN path only.
Composite data type Titled boxes with GUI elements for all fields of the composite type
List of the above Tables displaying the corresponding GUI elements for all list entries and GUI controls to add and remove list elements as well as collapse and expand the displayed GUI elements according to the following list
collapse all list elements
expand all list elements
add new list element
The add and delete button are missing when the data mapping is an IN path only.

For example, for the structure

and the following data mapping

whereby customer is of structured type Person, the following GUI form is generated:

Mapping of Enumerations

The combobox is created if direct mapping of enumeration is provided into activities or enumeration field is inside a composite type.

Viewing Structured Data with XPATH in the Stardust Portal

When working with XPATH enabled structured data in the Stardust Portal, make sure that the correct input is provided in the field. If no value is provided or the XPATH is null or inappropriate, a warning message is displayed in the Stardust Portal after expanding the data at the time of instantiation of the process or activity. To expand the data, click on the plus sign.

The warning message looks like as shown in the following screenshot:

Stardust Portal - XPATH Warning