Structured Data Types


The Stardust Workflow Execution Perspective supports a variety of data technologies such as

  1. Primitive data,
  2. Serializable Java classes,
  3. Entity Beans,
  4. Classes persisted via the Hibernate O/R mapper or
  5. XML data.

All the above are encapsulating "dereferentiation behavior" - how to obtain specific details from data represented in these technologies and also how these data are stored and loaded during the execution of business processes.

To describe structured data - e.g. a person with a first name, a last name and an address, while the address has a street name, a number a city and a ZIP code -, a data technology out of 2. to 5. can be used. However all these technologies require additional programming skills in Java or XML.

Structured data types provide mechanisms to define and work with structured data without programming skills in Stardust.

Having defined such data types in the modeling environment of Stardust, these can be used for data definitions and Stardust will take care of their persistence in and their efficient retrieval from the Audit Trail database.