The Stardust Process Engine

The Stardust Process Engine is a workflow system inspired by the concepts of the WfMC reference model - but in its capabilities it is going far beyond this model.


Another unique feature of the Stardust Process Engine is that its implementation is based completely on Java and J2EE. There is no proprietary server process. Depending on your preferred system infrastructure it is just a couple of EJBs or a Web archive to deploy, or even a plain Java library interacting with the audit trail database.

This way, the Stardust Process Engine is able to run inside virtually every supported J2EE Java EE compliant application server or even embedded in proprietary Java applications not based on J2EE. It is thoroughly tested to run inside the most common application servers.

Based on its SQL abstraction layer it is possible to adapt the Stardust Process Engine to run on top of various RDBMS. Oracle and IBM DB2 are supported out of the box - as are the most common RDBMS.

The security layer is completely pluggable, i.e. Stardust will integrate into arbitrary existing security infrastructures.

Modeling Environment

The process modeling environment consists of the Stardust Process Workbench - a powerful graphical process modeler with all features to manage and deploy your models.

The Stardust Process Workbench is described in detail later in this book, see the chapter The Stardust Process Workbench.

Runtime Environment

The "server part" of the Stardust runtime environment consists of the Stardust runtime classes, normally deployed to an application server as a set of Session Beans, and the audit trail database. It is not mandatory to deploy the Stardust runtime as a set of Session Beans, it can also be used as a library.

Setup issues concerning the runtime environment are explained in the Installation Guide.

There is a wide variety of possible clients to the Stardust runtime. You find a detailed list in the Installation Guide.

Embedded Usage

Often, you will write or adapt your own clients to interact with the Stardust runtime environment. The Programming Guide addresses these issues.

System Integration and Extensibility

The Stardust Process Engine ships with a number of ready to use solutions to integrate the existing system infrastructure, which is directly exposed in the modeling environment, like:

Please refer to the sections System Integration and Data Integration for more details.

The list of these bundled solutions can easily be extended. The contracts for adding further integration facilities, extending both the modeling environment and the runtime environment, are exposed as the Stardust SPI (Service Provider Interface). The use of the Stardust SPI is described in the Tutorial Stardust SPI Programming chapter of the Programming Guide.