Expert AUT configuration

You can use the expert dialog (3.13) to configure more detailed information about how the AUT should be started.

Figure 3.13: AUT configuration window: expert
Image autconfigwindow_expert

  1. Add any additional desired JRE Arguments.
  2. Enter any required System Environment Variables, in the format "<VARNAME>=<value>", i.e. "PATH=C:$\backslash$". Separate each variable with a new line by pressing »ENTER«.

    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{danger} Please be advised that ''embedding'' the contents of one variable into another is not supported at this time by Jubula . That is, if you have a variable named FOO whose value is "abc", and set the value of a second variable BAR to "%FOO%def", the second variable will not contain "abcdef", but rather the exact text "%FOO%def", without evaluating it.

  3. Select an activation method for your AUT . More information on AUT activation is available in the previous section

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