Basic Java AUT configuration

You can use the basic setting (3.11) to configure your AUT if it can be started by an executable file (e.g. .bat, .exe, .cmd, .sh etc.) and if it is written in Java 1.5 or above, and you are using a Java Standard Edition JRE.
\includegraphics[height=2cm]{danger} If you are testing RCP or GEF AUT's , there are certain specific steps you need to take to configure them. See the sections on RCP testing 4.2, GEF testing 4.3 for details.

Figure 3.11: AUT configuration window: basic
Image autconfigwindow_basic

  1. A suggested name for this AUT configuration is generated automatically based on your AUT name and the default AUT Agent host. You can change this name if you wish.
  2. The default AUT Agent host is also automatically selected. You can select a new AUT Agent from the combo box or add a new one by clicking "New". For more information on adding and editing an AUT Agent , see the section later 3.22.2.

  3. Enter the executable file name in the Executable File Name field. This path can be relative if you define a working directory
  4. Enter the AUT ID that will be given to this AUT when it is started.
For information on the advanced properties for the AUT configuration, see the next section

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