Starting the AUT Agent from the command line: options and parameters

  1. Start the AUT Agent from the Windows command line with this command:
    "autagent.exe (-p <port number>)"

  2. If no port number argument is given, the AUT Agent will start on the default port 60000.

  3. You can use the following parameters when starting the AUT Agent :

    Port number. Enter the port number you wish to start the AUT Agent on.
    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} You can also use the environment variable "TEST_AUT_AGENT_PORT" to set the port number that should be used as a default when you start the AUT Agent .
    Lenient mode. The lenient mode for the AUT Agent allows AUT's launched by other AUT's to be tested You can also change the mode of the currently running AUT Agent via the system tray. Right-click the AUT Agent icon and (de)select Strict AUT Management from the menu.
    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} The default mode for the AUT Agent is strict.
    Verbose mode. You will see a dialog to tell you whether the AUT Agent has started successfully or not.
    Quiet mode. You will see no dialog if the AUT Agent starts successfully. If the AUT Agent does not start successfully, the error is written to the console.
    Help. Enter this parameter to see a list of options for the AUT Agent .

  4. The AUT Agent can be started multiple times - either on the same machine (using a different port number for each instance) or on multiple machines for distributed testing.

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