4.3 Testing GEF AUT's

The GEF toolkit is a sub-toolkit of RCP. To be able to test AUT's that contain GEF components, you must select RCP as the toolkit in the Project properties.

The same points about the RCP Remote Control plugin and the keyboard files mentioned in the section on RCP AUT's 4.2 are also valid for testing AUT's with GEF components.

Testing GEF components is a little different to testing other components in Jubula , because we highly recommend that the software developers use our accessibility plug-in in the AUT to make the testing of GEF components more robust.

\includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} GEF testing is supported from GEF version 3.0 up to but not including 4.0. We test our GEF support on GEF version 3.7.2.


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