3.30.1 Stopping the AUT

  1. When you stop the AUT Agent , any AUT's that were connected to this AUT Agent are closed.
  2. AUT's which were started from a configuration are automatically closed when the test execution via the test executor stops.
  3. To stop the AUT manually, select the AUT you want to stop from the Running AUT's View and then click the Stop AUT button.
    Image stopAUT  stop AUT

  4. A dialog will appear to ask you if you are sure you want to stop the AUT . Click "yes".
  5. You can opt to not see this dialog in the preferences 3.27.

Stopping an AUT in a test
Stopping an AUT as part of a test is generally not possible. The AUT will be stopped automatically at the end of testing according to the points mentioned above.

You can use the restart action to restart the AUT during the test. You may be able to use the action External Key Combination to send an unconfirmed keystroke to the AUT (i.e. »ENTER« on a prompt dialog for closing the AUT ) to close the AUT at the end of your test, however, the success of this is dependent on the AUT and environment as well as timing and synchronization issues.

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