Continuing after an error

Once you have analyzed the error in the AUT or in the test specification, you have two options:

Continue with the Event Handler :
Press the "Pause test execution" button on the toolbar to continue with the test. This will result in a Event Handler (either a default Event Handler or one of your own) being activated.
Continue without Event Handler :
Press the "Continue without Event Handler " button or »F8« to continue with the test as if the failed Test Step had been successful. No Event Handler is activated. This option is useful if the Event Handler that would be activated would restart the AUT or exit the test, but you are either able to ignore the error for the moment or make changes in the AUT to ensure that the test will be able to continue.
\includegraphics[height=2cm]{danger} Any changes you make to the test specification while the test is paused will not become valid until the next test execution start.

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