3.13.5 Deleting unused component names

When you reassign component names in the Component Names View , you automatically create new component names if the name you enter did not previously exist in the Project .

Larger Projects can often end up with a number of component names that are no longer used. You can see and delete these names in the Component Name Browser   . The names in the Unused Component Names category (3.21) are not used anywhere in this Project - they are not present in any Test Cases and they have not been mapped to any technical names from the AUT in the Object Mapping Editor .

Figure 3.21: The Component Name Browser  
Image compnamebrowser

To delete unused component names, select the name you want to delete and select:

from the context-menu.

\includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} To cleanup component names that are only used in mappings, or that are no longer used for a specific AUT , use the function Cleanup unused component names in the Object Mapping Editor

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