Using the library to create tests

Creating tests with Jubula is really just a matter of:

To use the Test Cases from the library, you will first need to create a Test Case of your own 3.11.1.

  1. Open the Test Case Editor by double-clicking on the Test Case you want to edit in the Test Case Browser .
  2. In the Test Case Browser , browse to a Test Case that you want to add. For help on finding your way around the library, see the later section
  3. You can add the Test Case by dragging and dropping from the Test Case Browser to the Test Case Editor or you can right click on the Test Case in the Test Case Editor and select:
    Reference Existing Test Case -->
    to see a list of all Test Cases that you can add to this Test Case .

    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} You can filter in this dialog using the field at the top. Use star "*" as a wild card.

    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} You can open the dialog to reference an existing Test Case by pressing »ENTER« on a Test Case in the Test Case Editor .

  4. Once you have added the Test Case , you will need to enter a component name in the Component Names View 3.13.2 and you will need to enter data for the Test Case in the Properties View 3.12.

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