Project Properties page – EclipseLink

Use the EclipseLink options on the Properties page to select the EclipseLink-specific options to use with the project.

This table lists the properties available in the EclipseLink page.

Property Description

Static weaving

Weave classes on build

If enabled, Dali will weave all applicable class files at build time so that you can deliver pre-woven class files.

Source classes

Specifies the location of the Java source files to weave: either a directory or a JAR file.

Target classes

Specifies the output location: either a directory or a JAR file.

Log level

Specifies the amount and detail of log output. See "Logging" for information on the different logging levels.

Persistence XML root

Specifies the location of the persistence.xml file if it is not in the same location as the source.

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