Customize Default Entity Generation

Use this page to specify the default information Dali will use when generating the entities from the database tables. You will be able to override this information for specific entities.

Property Description

Mapping defaults

Use these options to define the table mapping information for the entity.

Key generator

Select the generator used for this mapping.

Sequence name

Enter a name for the sequence.

You can use $table and $pk as variables in the name. These will be replaced by the table name and primary key column name (respectively) when Dali generates a table mapping.

Entity access

Specify the default entity access method: Field (default) or Property.

Associations fetch

Specify the default fetch mode for associations: Default, as defined by the application (default), or Lazy.

Collection properties type

Specify if the collection properties are a Set or List.

Always generate optional JPA annotations and DDL parameters

Specify if Dali should include this information in the entity.

Domain Java class

Use these options to define the Source folder and class information (Package, Superclass, and Interfaces) for the entity.

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