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Packages that use Locator
org.eclipse.draw2d Primary package containing general interfaces and implementation classes. 

Uses of Locator in org.eclipse.draw2d

Classes in org.eclipse.draw2d that implement Locator
 class AbstractLocator
          Places a figure relative to a point determined by the subclass.
 class ArrowLocator
          Locator used to place a RotatableDecoration on a Connection.
 class BendpointLocator
          Places a figure relative to a specified bend in a Connection.
 class ConnectionEndpointLocator
          Used to place IFigures along the endpoint or starting point of a Connection.
 class ConnectionLocator
          Repositions a Figure attached to a Connection when the Connection is moved.
 class MidpointLocator
          A ConnectionLocator that is used to place figures at the midpoint between two points on a Connection.
 class RelativeLocator
          Places a handle relative to a figure's bounds.


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