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Package org.eclipse.cdt.core.dom.ast

Interface Summary
IASTArrayDeclarator This is the declarator for an array.
IASTArrayModifier This is the portion of the node that represents the portions when someone declares a variable/type which is an array.
IASTArraySubscriptExpression This interface represents a postfix array subscript expression. x[10] y.z()[t * t]
IASTASMDeclaration ASM Statement as a Declaration.
IASTAttribute Represents a C++11 (ISO/IEC 14882:2011 7.6) or a GCC attribute (
IASTAttributeOwner An AST node that may have attributes.
IASTBinaryExpression This interface represents a binary expression.
IASTBreakStatement This is the break clause in a loop.
IASTBuiltinSymbolProvider Deprecated. Use IBuiltinBindingsProvider instead
IASTCaseStatement This is a case in a switch statement.
IASTCastExpression This interface represents a cast expression of the form (TypeId)operand.
IASTComment This class represents a comment.
IASTCompletionContext Interface for a code completion's context.
IASTCompletionNode This represents the node that would occur at the point of a context completion.
IASTCompositeTypeSpecifier A composite type specifier represents a composite structure (contains declarations).
IASTCompoundStatement This represents a block of statements.
IASTConditionalExpression Conditional Expression of the format X ?
IASTContinueStatement This is the continue clause in a loop.
IASTDeclaration This is the root class of all declarations.
IASTDeclarationListOwner Common interface for parents of declaration lists.
IASTDeclarationStatement A declaration statement that introduces a declaration.
IASTDeclarator Base interface for a declarator.
IASTDeclSpecifier This is the base interface that represents a declaration specifier sequence.
IASTDefaultStatement This is the default clause in the switch statement.
IASTDoStatement Ye ol' do statement.
IASTElaboratedTypeSpecifier This represents an elaborated type specifier in the C & C++ language grammar.
IASTEnumerationSpecifier This interface represents enumerations in C and C++.
IASTEnumerationSpecifier.IASTEnumerator This interface represents an enumerator member of an enum specifier.
IASTEqualsInitializer Initializer with equals sign (copy initialization) as in int x= 0;.
IASTExpression This is the root class of expressions.
IASTExpressionList Expression List (Comma separated list of expressions).
IASTExpressionStatement Expression statement.
IASTFieldDeclarator This represents a field in a struct.
IASTFieldReference This interface represents expressions that access a field reference. e.g. a.b => a is the expression, b is the field name. e.g. a()->def => a() is the expression, def is the field name.
IASTFileLocation Represents a node location that is directly in the source file.
IASTForStatement The 'for' statement.
IASTFunctionCallExpression This interface represents a function call expression. f( x ) : f is the function name expression, x is the parameter expression.
IASTFunctionDeclarator This is a declarator for a function.
IASTFunctionDefinition This is a function definition, i.e. it has a body.
IASTFunctionStyleMacroParameter This interface represents the name of a function style macro parameter.
IASTGotoStatement Represents a goto statement.
IASTIdExpression This is a name used in an expression.
IASTIfStatement The 'if' statement including the optional else clause.
IASTImageLocation An image location explains how a name made it into the translation unit.
IASTImplicitName An implicit name is used to resolve uses of implicit bindings, such as overloaded operators.
IASTImplicitNameOwner An AST node that may have implicit names.
IASTInitializer This represents an initializer for a declarator.
IASTInitializerClause Interface for ast nodes that can nest in initializer lists.
IASTInitializerExpression Deprecated. Replaced by IASTEqualsInitializer.
IASTInitializerList Braced initializer list, for example as in: int a[]= {1,2,3};
IASTLabelStatement Represents a label statement.
IASTLiteralExpression This expression represents a literal in the program.
IASTMacroExpansion Deprecated.
IASTMacroExpansionLocation Node location inside of a macro expansion.
IASTName This class represents a name in the program that represents a semantic object in the program.
IASTNamedTypeSpecifier Represents the use of a typedef name in an decl specifier in C.
IASTNameOwner This interface represents a mechanism for a name to discover more information about it's parent.
IASTNode This is the root node in the physical AST.
IASTNodeLocation A NodeLocation represents the source location of a given node.
IASTNodeSelector Interface for searching nodes in a translation unit.
IASTNullStatement This node represents a null statement, ';'
IASTParameterDeclaration This class represents a parameter declaration
IASTPointer This represents the good ol' * pointer operator.
IASTPreprocessorElifStatement Represents a #elif preprocessor statement.
IASTPreprocessorElseStatement This interface represent a preprocessor #else statement.
IASTPreprocessorEndifStatement This interface represent a preprocessor #endif statement.
IASTPreprocessorErrorStatement This interface represent a preprocessor #error statement.
IASTPreprocessorFunctionStyleMacroDefinition This interface represent a preprocessor function-style macro definition. e.g.
IASTPreprocessorIfdefStatement This interface represent a preprocessor #ifdef statement.
IASTPreprocessorIfndefStatement This interface represent a preprocessor #ifndef statement.
IASTPreprocessorIfStatement This interface represent a preprocessor #if statement.
IASTPreprocessorIncludeStatement This interface represents a preprocessor #include statement.
IASTPreprocessorMacroDefinition This represents the definition of a macro.
IASTPreprocessorMacroExpansion Models macro expansion found in the source code that is not nested inside another expansion.
IASTPreprocessorObjectStyleMacroDefinition This interface represents an object-style macro definition. e.g.
IASTPreprocessorPragmaStatement Represents a #pragma directive or a pragma operator.
IASTPreprocessorStatement This is the base interface for all preprocessor directives.
IASTPreprocessorUndefStatement This interface represents a preprocessor #undef statement.
IASTProblem Interface for problems in the ast tree.
IASTProblemDeclaration This interface represents a parse problem where we tried to match against a declaration.
IASTProblemExpression This interface represents a parse problem where we tried to match against an expression.
IASTProblemHolder This interface represents a base interface to represent a problem owner or holder.
IASTProblemStatement This interface represents a parse problem where we tried to match against a statement.
IASTProblemTypeId This interface represents a parse problem where we tried to match against a type-id.
IASTSimpleDeclaration This is a simple declaration which contains a sequence of declSpecifiers followed by a list of declarators.
IASTSimpleDeclSpecifier This represents a declaration specifier for a built-in type.
IASTStandardFunctionDeclarator This is a declarator for a non K&R C function.
IASTStatement This is the root interface for statements.
IASTSwitchStatement The switch statement.
IASTToken Represents an arbitrary code token.
IASTTokenList Represents a sequence of code tokens.
IASTTranslationUnit The translation unit represents a compilable unit of source.
IASTTypeIdInitializerExpression Compound literal: type-id { initializer }
IASTUnaryExpression This interface is used to represent a unary expression in the AST.
IASTWhileStatement Ye ol' while statement.
IBasicType Interface for basic types.
IBinding Represents the semantics of a name found in the AST or the index.
ICompositeType Interface for all composite types: classes, structs or unions.
ICPPASTCompletionContext Interface for a code completion's context.
IEnumerator Interface for enumerators.
IFileNomination Interface for constructs that nominate a file for an AST: IASTTranslationUnit, IASTPreprocessorIncludeStatement, IIndexFile.
IFunction This represents a function in the program.
ILabel Represents the mapping between goto statements and the label statements the go to.
IMacroBinding Models bindings for macro names.
INodeFactory Factory for creating AST nodes.
IParameter Represents a parameter to a function.
IProblemBinding Interface for problem bindings.
IProblemType Represents an type that cannot be determined or is illegal.
IQualifierType Interface used to qualify types.
IScope Scopes can be used to look-up names.
ISemanticProblem Base interface for all semantic problems: IProblemBinding, IProblemType
IType Interface for all c- and c++ types.
IValue Models a value of a variable, enumerator or expression.
IVariable Interface for all sorts of variables: local, parameter, global, field.

Class Summary
ASTGenericVisitor Generic visitor for AST nodes.
ASTNameCollector A convenience visitor that collects names.
ASTNodeFactoryFactory Provides access to the node factories.
ASTNodeProperty This interface represents a structural property in an IASTNode.
ASTSignatureUtil Deprecated. The class is provided for testing purposes, only.
ASTTypeUtil This is a utility class to help convert AST elements to Strings corresponding to the AST element's type.
ASTVisitor Abstract base class for all visitors to traverse AST nodes.

Enum Summary
EScopeKind Enumerates various kinds of scopes
IASTBinaryTypeIdExpression.Operator Built-in type trait of g++.

Exception Summary
DOMException This is the general purpose exception that is thrown for resolving semantic aspects of an illegal binding.
ExpansionOverlapsBoundaryException See IASTNode.getTrailingSyntax() and IASTNode.getLeadingSyntax().

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