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Package org.eclipse.cdt.core.dom.ast.cpp

Interface Summary
ICPPAliasTemplate Represents an alias template (14.5.7).
ICPPAliasTemplateInstance Represents an instance of an alias template (14.5.7).
ICPPASTAliasDeclaration Represents a C++ alias declaration.
ICPPASTAmbiguousTemplateArgument Place-holder in the AST for template arguments that are not yet understood.
ICPPASTArrayDeclarator Array declarator for C++
ICPPASTBinaryExpression C++ adds a few more binary expressions over C.
ICPPASTCapture Capture for a lambda expression, introduced in C++0x.
ICPPASTCastExpression C++ adds in additional cast-style expressions.
ICPPASTCatchHandler Catch handler used for try block statements or for functions with try block.
ICPPASTCompositeTypeSpecifier.ICPPASTBaseSpecifier Base Specifiers are where a class expresses from whom it inherits.
ICPPASTConstructorChainInitializer Represents a member initializer: class X { int a; X(); }; X::X : a(0) {} // a(0) is a member initializer.
ICPPASTConstructorInitializer Represents a potentially empty list of initializers in parenthesis: ( initializer-list?
ICPPASTConversionName This interface represents a C++ conversion member function.
ICPPASTDeclarator Declarator for c++.
ICPPASTDeclSpecifier C++ adds additional modifiers and types for decl specifier sequence.
ICPPASTDeleteExpression This interface represents a delete expression. delete [] operand;
ICPPASTElaboratedTypeSpecifier Elaborated types in C++ include classes.
ICPPASTEnumerationSpecifier enum struct : unsigned int {...}
ICPPASTExplicitTemplateInstantiation This interface represents an explicit template instantiation.
ICPPASTExpression Interface for c++ expressions.
ICPPASTFieldDeclarator Field declarator for c++.
ICPPASTFieldReference Certain field references in C++ require the use the keyword template to specify the parse.
ICPPASTForStatement The C++ 'for' statement.
ICPPASTFunctionDeclarator C++ adds a few things to function declarators.
ICPPASTFunctionDefinition In c++ the a function definition for a constructor may contain member initializers.
ICPPASTFunctionTryBlockDeclarator Deprecated.
ICPPASTFunctionWithTryBlock Models a function defined with a try block, which is a function definition: void func() try { } catch (...) { }
ICPPASTIfStatement The 'if' statement including the optional else clause.
ICPPASTInitializerClause C++ specific initializer clause.
ICPPASTInitializerList Braced initializer list.
ICPPASTLambdaExpression Lambda expression, introduced in C++0x.
ICPPASTLinkageSpecification This interface represents a linkage specification. e.g. extern "C" { ... }
ICPPASTLiteralExpression C++ adds additional literal types to primary expression.
ICPPASTNamedTypeSpecifier C++ adds the capability of qualifying a named type specifier w/the keyword typename.
ICPPASTNamespaceAlias This interface represents a namespace alias in C++, e.g. namespace ABC { int* x; } namespace DEF = ABC;
ICPPASTNamespaceDefinition This interface represents a namespace definition in C++.
ICPPASTNewExpression This interface represents a new expression.
ICPPASTOperatorName This interface represents a C++ overloaded operator member function name.
ICPPASTPackExpandable Interface for nodes that can potentially be pack-expansions.
ICPPASTPackExpansionExpression Pack expansion as it can occur as an element in an expression-lists or as a non-type template argument.
ICPPASTPointerToMember This is a pointer to member pointer operator for declarators.
ICPPASTQualifiedName This interface is a qualified name in C++.
ICPPASTRangeBasedForStatement Represents a range-based for loop.
ICPPASTReferenceOperator This is C++'s reference operator, i.e. &, used in a declarator.
ICPPASTSimpleDeclSpecifier This interface represents a built-in type in C++.
ICPPASTSimpleTypeConstructorExpression Functional cast expressions: simple-type-specifier (expression-list?)
ICPPASTSimpleTypeTemplateParameter This interface represents a simple type template parameter.
ICPPASTStaticAssertDeclaration Models static assertions: static_assert(false, "message");
ICPPASTTemplateDeclaration Template declaration.
ICPPASTTemplatedTypeTemplateParameter This is a template template parameter as V in template<template<typename T> class V> class CT;
ICPPASTTemplateParameter Base interface for all template parameters.
ICPPASTTemplateSpecialization This interface represents a template specialization.
ICPPASTTryBlockStatement This interface represents the try block statement. try { //body } catch (Exc e ) { // handler } catch ( ... ) { }
ICPPASTTypeId Type ids in C++.
ICPPASTTypenameExpression Deprecated. Unified with ICPPASTSimpleTypeConstructorExpression.
ICPPASTUsingDeclaration This interface represents a using declaration.
ICPPASTUsingDirective This interface represents a C++ using directive.
ICPPASTVisibilityLabel C++ allows for visibility labels to be mixed with declarations in class specifiers.
ICPPASTVisitor Interface for visitors to visit c-specific nodes.
ICPPASTWhileStatement This interface accommodates C++ allows for broader while loop syntax.
ICPPBase Represents the relationship between a class and one of its base classes.
ICPPClassScope Interface for class scopes.
ICPPClassSpecialization Specializations of all sorts of class types.
ICPPClassTemplatePartialSpecialization This interface represents a class template partial specialization.
ICPPClassTemplatePartialSpecializationSpecialization Interface for specializations of partial specializations.
ICPPClassType Represents a C++ class.
ICPPDeferredTemplateInstance Deprecated. use ICPPDeferredClassInstance instead.
ICPPEnumeration C++ specific version of enumerations.
ICPPFunction Binding for c++ functions.
ICPPFunctionTemplate Interface for function templates
ICPPMember Represents a member of a class.
ICPPMethod Base interface for methods, also used for constructors.
ICPPMethodSpecialization Specialization of a method.
ICPPNamespace This interface represents a C++ namespace
ICPPNamespaceScope A namespace scope is either a block-scope or a namespace-scope or global scope.
ICPPNodeFactory Factory for AST nodes for the C++ programming language.
ICPPParameterPackType A parameter pack is not actually a type, however we model it as such in order to be able to represent function-types that contain parameter packs.
ICPPSpecialization For an instantiation of a class template, the members of that instantiation will be specializations of the members of the original class template.
ICPPTemplateArgument Models the value of a template parameter or for the argument of a template-id.
ICPPTemplateDefinition Base interface for all template definitions including explicit (partial) specializations.
ICPPTemplateInstance This interface represents an instantiation of a class or function template.
ICPPTemplateNonTypeParameter Interface for template non type parameters.
ICPPTemplateParameter Base interface for all template parameters (non-type, type and template).
ICPPTemplateParameterMap Models the mapping of template parameters to values, or pack-expansions.
ICPPTemplateScope A separate template scope is used for each template declaration.
ICPPTemplateTemplateParameter Template parameters of type template
ICPPUsingDeclaration A using declaration introduces a name into the declarative region in which it appears, that name is a synonym of some entity declared elsewhere The using declaration is both a declaration of a new binding and a reference to a previously declared binding
ICPPUsingDirective Interface to model using directives.

Class Summary
CPPASTVisitor Deprecated. you can use ASTVisitor, instead.

Enum Summary
ICPPASTLambdaExpression.CaptureDefault The capture default can be by copy, by reference or unspecified.

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