Parallel Tools Platform Release 6.0

The Parallel Tools Platform is designed to allow the Eclipse framework to be used for developing applications for parallel computer systems. PTP provides the following functionality:

In addition, PTP provides a platform for parallel tool developers to integrate their tools within the Eclipse framework. New tools can take advantage of the user interface components and parallel services that are provided by PTP, without the need to develop and support this infrastructure across multiple platforms.

More information and downloads are available at

Overview, Background, and Setup information

  1. Overview and Features
  2. Prerequisites
  3. New and Noteworthy

Help Topics

  1. Introduction to PTP Project Types
  2. Introduction to Creating MPI Projects
  3. Synchronized Projects
  4. Configuring Environment Modules (new in 6.0)
  5. Recognizing Compiler Errors: Cray, PGI, and Open64 (new in 6.0)
  6. Running Parallel Programs
  7. Monitoring Jobs and Systems
  8. Parallel Debugging
  9. Preferences
  10. Managing Remote Connections with Remote Tools

Other PTP related topics

Please consult the online documentation for the latest PTP help information, including documentation on supported target system configurations.



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