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Release 4.2

Interface IMarker

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public interface IMarker
extends IAdaptable

Markers are a general mechanism for associating notes and meta-data with resources.

Markers themselves are handles in the same way as IResources are handles. Instances of IMarker do not hold the attributes themselves but rather uniquely refer to the attribute container. As such, their state may change underneath the handle with no warning to the holder of the handle.

The Resources plug-in provides a general framework for defining and manipulating markers and provides several standard marker types.

Each marker has:

Specific types of markers may carry additional information.

The resources plug-in defines five standard types:

The plug-in also provides an extension point ( org.eclipse.core.resources.markers) into which other plug-ins can install marker type declaration extensions.

Marker types are declared within a multiple inheritance type system. New markers are defined in the plugin.xml file of the declaring plug-in. A valid declaration contains elements as defined by the extension point DTD: