Advanced AUT configuration

You can use the advanced dialog (3.11) if your AUT is a Java JAR which can be started with a double click, or if your application can be started using the class name and the classpaths to your AUT . The advanced configuration dialog also lets you create a working directory for your AUT , and add command-line arguments needed to start the AUT . You can select a JRE executable and, for SWT/RCP AUT's , a keyboard layout.

Figure 3.11: AUT configuration window: advanced
Image autconfigwindowadvanced

  1. Enter the JAR path (directory and file name) into the Executable JAR File Name field.

    This path can be relative (if you define a working directory), or absolute. This JAR file must contain a manifest file which contains the main class and the classpath.

  2. You can optionally create a working directory to store files in. The server directory of the Jubula installation is selected as default. To create a working directory elsewhere, browse to and select the location.

    The working directory is the root directory for any classpaths, classnames, JAR files and JRE binaries. If you create a working directory, you can enter the paths to these items using a relative path, with the working directory as the root. For more information on relative paths, read the section in the reference manual -->Reference Manual [*].

  3. If your AUT must be started with the class name, add the main class name and the classpaths into their relative fields. The paths can be relative (if you have defined a working directory), or absolute.
    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} Add all the necessary files and directories to start the AUT .
  4. Enter any necessary command-line arguments for the AUT in the AUT Arguments field.
  5. Browse to a JRE executable or add a new one by clicking "New". The Java version used must be 1.4 or later.

    Java is installed with Jubula . You can find the Java file in:
    Jubula --> jre --> bin
    . Use java.exe if you want to use a console, use javaw.exe if you do not want a console.

  6. For SWT and RCP AUT's , select which keyboard layout is used on the machine on which the AUT will run. g
    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} The keyboard layout is not the actual keyboard attached to the computer, but is based on the regional language settings for the operating system.

    Jubula supports English (US) and German (DE) keyboard layouts out-of-the box. If you want to use a different keyboard layout, see the reference manual for information on creating keyboard layouts -->Reference Manual [*].

For information on the expert properties for the AUT configuration, see the next section

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