5.2.2 Naming conventions for component names

Component names in Jubula are your link between the test specification and the object mapping. Naming components well means that your mapping will be easy to understand and maintain, as you will always be able to tell what components you are referring to from the names alone.

We suggest the following three-part structure for naming components:

So the components in a login dialog could be named:

\includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} Using the New Component Name feature in Jubula , 3.13.1, you can create component names for your AUT at the beginning to set conventions the whole team should use.

The table below gives some common abbreviations to distinguish between component types.

Table 5.1: Component Naming
Abbreviation Component
app Application
btc Button Component
btn Button / RadioButton / CheckBox
cbx ComboBox
grc Graphics Component
hyl HTML Hyperlink
ctx Component with Text
cti Component with Text Input
lbl Label
lst List
mbr Menu Bar
tpn Tabbed Pane
tbl Table
tbi Toolbar Item
txf TextField / TextArea / EditorPane / TextPane
tre Tree
trt Tree Table
brw Web Browser

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