3.13.2 Entering and reassigning component names in the Component Names View

\includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} The following section deals with entering component names in the Component Names View when you have added Test Cases from the library. For information on component names in Test Steps , see the Test Steps section 3.16.1.

  1. Once you have added a Test Case from the library of Test Cases 3.11.2, you will need to enter a component name for the component you want to test.
  2. In the Component Names View , you will see the old name for this component, which was given in the Test Step contained in the library Test Case . The old name is just a placeholder and should be reassigned (3.19).

    Figure 3.19: The Component Names View
    Image compnamesview

    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} When you enter a component name in the Component Names View , you create a new reference to a component in the AUT . This component name appears in the Object Mapping Editor to be mapped to a component in your AUT . A Test Case containing component names to be reassigned can therefore be used at a variety of different places to test different actual components. If you want to rename a component name, you can do so in the Component Name Browser   3.13.3.

  3. In the new name field, enter your name for this component, e.g. "MainWindow_NavigationTree_tre".

    We recommend using naming conventions for component names 5.2.2.

  4. Press »CTRL+SPACE« to see a list of component names you have already used for this type of component:

    component names are names you have used in this Test Case for this component type.
    Image localName Local name

    component names are names you have used for this component type, but not in this Test Case .
    Image globalName Global name

  5. The component name you enter here will be collected by the Object Mapping Editor when you carry out object mapping so that you can assign it to a component in the AUT .

  6. Every time you want to carry out an action on this component, use this name.
\includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} See the section on the component hierarchy for some tips on using component names in your tests 3.13.6.


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