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Interface IEditorActionDelegate

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AbstractRulerActionDelegate, AddMemoryRenderingActionDelegate, BookmarkRulerAction, QuickDiffToggleAction, RulerBreakpointTypesActionDelegate, RulerEnableDisableBreakpointActionDelegate, RulerToggleBreakpointActionDelegate, RunToLineActionDelegate, SelectRulerAction, TaskRulerAction

public interface IEditorActionDelegate
extends IActionDelegate

Interface for an action that is contributed into an editor-activated menu or tool bar. It extends IActionDelegate and adds a method for connecting the delegate to the editor it should work with. Since there is always only one action delegate per editor type, this method supplies the link to the currently active editor instance.

Method Summary
 void setActiveEditor(IAction action, IEditorPart targetEditor)
          Sets the active editor for the delegate.
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.ui.IActionDelegate
run, selectionChanged

Method Detail


void setActiveEditor(IAction action,
                     IEditorPart targetEditor)
Sets the active editor for the delegate. Implementors should disconnect from the old editor, connect to the new editor, and update the action to reflect the new editor.

action - the action proxy that handles presentation portion of the action
targetEditor - the new editor target

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