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Interface IExecutableExtensionFactory

All Known Implementing Classes:
CheatSheetExtensionFactory, ExtensionFactory, ExtensionFactory, JSPFactory

public interface IExecutableExtensionFactory

This interface allows extension providers to control how the instances provided to extension-points are being created by referring to the factory instead of referring to a class. For example, the following extension to the preference page extension-point uses a factory called PreferencePageFactory.


Effectively, factories give full control over the create executable extension process.

The factories are responsible for handling the case where the concrete instance implement IExecutableExtension.

Given that factories are instantiated as executable extensions, they must provide a 0-argument public constructor. Like any other executable extension, they can configured by implementing IExecutableExtension interface.

This interface can be used without OSGi running.

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Method Summary
 Object create()
          Creates and returns a new instance.

Method Detail


Object create()
              throws CoreException
Creates and returns a new instance.

CoreException - if an instance of the executable extension could not be created for any reason

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