3.5.2 Defining an AUT

Once you have created a Project , you can define (and edit) AUT's . You can define a new AUT straight after creating the Project in the Project wizard or you can do it later on via the Project properties 3.4.2.

\includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} If you will be starting your AUT with the autrun command 3.5.4, then you can automatically define your AUT

The AUT dialog (3.9) appears when you define or edit an AUT .

Figure 3.9: AUT Dialog
Image autdialog

  1. Enter a meaningful and unique AUT name. This is used to easily identify the AUT later.
  2. Select the toolkit the AUT uses from the combo box.
  3. If you choose RCP, decide whether or not Jubula should generate names for components in the AUT which have not been named by your developers 4.2.5. We recommend leaving this option checked, as it increases the robustness of your tests.
  4. If you will be starting this AUT using the autrun command 3.5.4, or if the AUT will be launched from another AUT during the test, then enter the ID(s) for these AUT's here. IDs for AUT's started by the autrun command
    Enter the AUT IDs you will use for any AUT's started by the autrun command (the AUT ID for the AUT is given as a parameter in the autrun command 3.5.4.

    IDs for AUT's launched by other AUT's
    The AUT ID will take a specific form and must be defined as such in the AUT definition.

    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{lightbulb} If you will be starting your AUT from Jubula (i.e. via an AUT configuration 3.5.3) then you do not need to enter any IDs here.

  5. From the list of Project languages, select which languages are supported by the AUT .

    The languages you select are the languages the AUT can be started in. You will be able to translate the data in your Test Cases into these languages so that a Test Suite will test the AUT in the right language.

    \includegraphics[height=2cm]{danger} If you are editing the AUT and remove an AUT language for which you have already specified data, this will result in the data for that language being lost.

  6. If you want to start this AUT via Jubula , you can do so in the Project properties 3.5.3.

If you do not require an AUT configuration, because you will be starting the AUT using the autrun command 3.5.4, then you do not need to create an AUT configuration.

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