3.27.2 Parameters for the dbtool

  1. Once you have browsed to the Jubula installation directory and entered "dbtool", you can enter the parameters for the Database actions.
  2. The dbtool uses the parameters described in the table 2:

    Table 3.2: Parameters for the dbtool
    Detail Parameter
    Help "-h"
      Gives parameter help
    Delete Project "-delete <project-name project-version>"
      e.g. -delete ''ExampleProject'' 1.0
    Delete All "-deleteall"
      e.g. -deleteall
    Keep test result summaries "-keepsummary" (optional)
      e.g. -keepsummary
    Directory "-directory <directory path>"
      e.g. -directory ''D:/Test/Projects/''
    Export Project "-export <project-name project-version>"
      e.g. -export ''ExampleProject'' ''1.0''
    Export All "-exportall"
      e.g. -exportall
    Import Project "-import <import-file>"
      e.g. -import <ExampleProject.xml>
    Workspace "-data <path to workspace>"
      e.g. -data ''C:/Users/Test''
    Database scheme "-dbscheme <scheme>"
      e.g. -dbscheme ''Oracle''
    Database username "-dbuser <username>"
      e.g. -dbuser ''myusername''
    Database password "-dbpw <password>"
      e.g. -dbpw ''mypassword''
    Database URL (optional) "-dburl <URL>"
      e.g. -dburl ''db.example.de''
      If no URL is given, the default will be used.

  3. You can use the parameter "-keepsummary" to specify that the test result summaries should not be deleted when the Project or Projects are deleted. This is useful for continuous integration processes, where the test results over time should be kept, but the Projects are reimported into the Database (for example from the version control system) each night. If you do not enter this parameter, the summaries will be deleted with the Projects .

  4. Once you have entered all the necessary parameters, press »ENTER«.

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