Package org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.sqleditor

Interface Summary
EditorConstants This interface defines all public constants for the SQL Editor plug-in.
IHelpConstants This file contains all the context help ID that are used by following DTP plugins: TPS_helpKey_constants_for_plug-in: org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.sqleditor
IPageUpdate Actions that are aware of the multi form editor should implement this interface.
ISQLEditorActionConstants This interface defines the action constants used in SQL Editor.
ISQLEditorInput This interface is a mix-in interface to be used with an IEditorInput to add additional information to the editor input for the SQL editor.

Class Summary
SQLEditor This class is responsible for configuring the SQL editor.
SQLEditorActionContributorExtension This class is for tooling vendor who wish to extend the sql dev tools to contribute workbench menu, toolbar item and context menus.
SQLEditorConnectionInfo This class provides the default implementation for ISQLEditorConnectionInfo.
SQLEditorInputFactory The class implements a factory which is capable of recreating SQL Editor file editor inputs stored in a memento.
SQLEditorStorage This class implements the IStorage interface to facilitate launching the SQL Editor from an editor input that isn't based on a file.
SQLEditorStorageEditorInput This class implements the ISQLEditorInput interface on a IStorageEditorInput base.