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Interface IAnnotationHover

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultAnnotationHover, LineChangeHover

public interface IAnnotationHover

Provides the information to be displayed in a hover popup window which appears over the presentation area of annotations.

In order to provide backward compatibility for clients of IAnnotationHover, extension interfaces are used as a means of evolution. The following extension interfaces exist:

Clients may implement this interface.

See Also:
IAnnotationHoverExtension, IAnnotationHoverExtension2

Method Summary
 String getHoverInfo(ISourceViewer sourceViewer, int lineNumber)
          Returns the text which should be presented in the a hover popup window.

Method Detail


String getHoverInfo(ISourceViewer sourceViewer,
                    int lineNumber)
Returns the text which should be presented in the a hover popup window. This information is requested based on the specified line number.

sourceViewer - the source viewer this hover is registered with
lineNumber - the line number for which information is requested
the requested information or null if no such information exists

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