Template Associations


CDT 4.0

This extension-point allows developers to specify toolchains that should be enabled for selection for use with a pre-existing template. This solves the problem over how ISV's can have templates defined and shipped with CDT support their own toolchains, without having to modify CDT itself.

Configuration Markup:

<!ELEMENT extension (template+)>

<!ATTLIST extension




Each extension consists of a sequence of template elements, each of which define child elements for the new toolchains that should be enabled for selection during new project creation.

<!ELEMENT toolChain EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST toolChain


This element is used to reference an existing toolchain by its unique identifier.

<!ELEMENT template (toolChain*)>

<!ATTLIST template


This element references an existing template contribution's unique identifier in order that toolchains contributed separately to the template can be made selectable on project creation.

If you developed toolchain's with ids "com.foobar.toolchain1.base" and "com.foobar.toolchain2.base", which you wanted enabled for the empty project type built into the cdt core, you could use the following to achieve this:

<extension point="org.eclipse.cdt.core.templateAssociations">
   <template id="org.eclipse.cdt.build.core.templates.EmptyProject">
      <toolChain id="com.foobar.toolchain1.base"/>
      <toolChain id="com.foobar.toolchain2.base"/>

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