The primary editing, creation and viewing tools of the BPEL Designer are accessed from the Palette. The Palette can be docked either at the right or left edge of the BPEL Designer main window, or it can be detached and displayed in its own view.



Selection Tools

The Selection Tool is used to select individual activities in the editors drawing canvas. Multiple activities can be selected by holding the CTRL or SHIFT keys in combination with left mouse click. The Marquee Tool allows selection of groups of activities by dragging a selection rectangle around them.

Tool Drawers

BPEL activities are created by dragging icons from the labeled Actions, Controls and Faults palette sections (or drawers), onto the editor's drawing canvas. These sections can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on individual palette section titles. They can also be pinned to prevent them from collapsing if another section is expanded.

Zoom Tools

The tools at the bottom of the Palette are used to expand or shrink the drawing canvas.