Creating a BPEL process

To create a new BPEL process, select File > New > Others... and then BPEL 2.0 > New BPEL Process File.

New BPEL Process File

Click Next.
Enter the following information:

Field Value

BPEL Process Name

Enter a process name. For example, HelloWorld.


Enter or select a namespace for the BPEL process.


Select the appropriate template for the BPEL process.
When you select the template, you will see the information about the template below on the page.

In this case you should select Synchronous BPEL Process.

New BPEL Process File Wizard

Click Next.
On the second page, you can customize your WSDL service details. Enter the following information:

Field Value

Service Name

A wsdl service name for the BPEL process. The default value is HelloWorld.

Port Name

A wsdl port name for the BPEL process. The default value is HelloWorldPort.

Service Address

An address of the WSDL service for the BPEL process. The default value is http://localhost:8080/HelloWorld.

Binding Protocol

The binding protocol that you use in the wsdl. You can choose SOAP or HTTP. The default value is SOAP.

Create WSDL file for the BPEL Process wizard page

Click Next.
On the third page, you can select a folder for the process file from the projects in your workspace. If a folder is not selected, the default folder HelloWorld/bpelContent will be used.

Click Finish.


All of your files that are used in your BPEL project should be under the bpelContent folder of a BPEL project. Only in this case these files can be deployed to BPEL runtime platforms.

This will create a simple BPEL process as shown in the image below.

A simple BPEL Process File