Class ProblemsLabelDecorator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IBaseLabelProvider, ILabelDecorator, ILightweightLabelDecorator

    public class ProblemsLabelDecorator
    extends Object
    implements ILabelDecorator, ILightweightLabelDecorator
    LabelDecorator that decorates an element's image with error and warning overlays that represent the severity of markers attached to the element's underlying resource. To see a problem decoration for a marker, the marker needs to be a subtype of IMarker.PROBLEM.

    Important: Although this decorator implements ILightweightLabelDecorator, do not contribute this class as a decorator to the org.eclipse.ui.decorators extension. Only use this class in your own views and label providers.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ProblemsLabelDecorator

        public ProblemsLabelDecorator()
        Creates a new ProblemsLabelDecorator.
      • ProblemsLabelDecorator

        public ProblemsLabelDecorator​(org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.viewsupport.ImageDescriptorRegistry registry)
        Note: This constructor is for internal use only. Clients should not call this constructor.
        registry - The registry to use or null to use the Java plugin's image registry
        This constructor is not intended to be referenced by clients.