Class BlockComment

  • public final class BlockComment
    extends Comment
    Block comment AST node type.

    Block comments (also called "traditional" comments in JLS 3.7) begin with "/*", may contain line breaks, and must end with "*/". Following the definition in the JLS (first edition but not second edition), block comment normally exclude comments that begin with "/*#42;", which are instead classified as doc comments (Javadoc).

    Note that this node type is a comment placeholder, and is only useful for recording the source range where a comment was found in a source string. It is not useful for creating comments.

    This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • propertyDescriptors

        public static List propertyDescriptors​(int apiLevel)
        Returns a list of structural property descriptors for this node type. Clients must not modify the result.
        apiLevel - the API level; one of the AST.JLS* constants
        a list of property descriptors (element type: StructuralPropertyDescriptor)