Class TemplateField

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    public abstract class TemplateField
    extends Object
    The base class for all the template option fields. Template option is a single editable option that is exposed to the users in the wizard pages associated with templates. Although the field is associated with the template section, there is no 1/1 mapping between the field and the substitution value that can be used in the template files. In general, a subclass of this class can generate any SWT control in the provided composite.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TemplateField

        public TemplateField​(BaseOptionTemplateSection section,
                             String label)
        The constructor for the field.
        section - the section that owns this field
        label - the label of this field
    • Method Detail

      • getLabel

        public String getLabel()
        Returns the field label.
        field label
      • setLabel

        public void setLabel​(String label)
        Changes the label of this field.
        label - the new label of this field.
      • getSection

        public BaseOptionTemplateSection getSection()
        Returns the template section that owns this option field.
        parent template section
      • createLabel

        protected Label createLabel​(Composite parent,
                                    int span)
        Factory method that creates the label in the provided parent.
        parent - the parent composite to create the label in
        span - number of columns that the label should span
        the newly created Label widget.
      • createControl

        public abstract void createControl​(Composite parent,
                                           int span)
        Subclasses must implement this method to create the control of the template field.
        parent - the parent composite the control should be created in
        span - number of columns that the control should span