Interface IProvisionerWizard

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    IBasePluginWizard, IWizard

    public interface IProvisionerWizard
    extends IBasePluginWizard
    Use org.eclipse.pde.ui.targetLocationProviders extension with ITargetLocationWizard instead
    This interface represents a wizard which will be used to add plug-ins to the Target Platform. Typically, it maps to one wizard page, but more complex sections may span several pages. Also note that in the very simple cases it may not contribute any wizard pages.
    This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
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      • getLocations

        File[] getLocations()
        Returns an array of locations which contain plug-ins to be added to the Target Platform. If a location contains a "plugins" subdirectory, the subdirectory will be searched for plug-ins. Otherwise, the location itself will be searched for new plug-ins.
        an array of Files which represent the locations to search for new plug-ins.