Interface IPluginExtension

    • Field Detail

      • P_POINT

        static final String P_POINT
        A name of the property that will be used to notify about the "point" change
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • getPoint

        String getPoint()
        Returns the full ID of the extension point that this extension is plugged into.
        the full extension point ID
      • getSchema

        Object getSchema()
        Returns the schema for the extension point that this extension is plugged into or null if not found.

        This method is an implementation detail - schema object is not needed for clients outside PDE and should not be used.

        The schema for the associated extension point or null
      • setPoint

        void setPoint​(String point)
               throws CoreException
        Sets the value of the extension point Id This method will throw a CoreException if this model is not editable.
        point - the new extension point Id
        CoreException - if the model is not editable