Interface IBaseModel

    • Method Detail

      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Releases all the data in this model and clears the state. A disposed model can be returned to the normal state by reloading.
      • isDisposed

        boolean isDisposed()
        Tests if this model has been disposed. Disposed model cannot be used until it is loaded/reloaded.
        true if the model has been disposed
      • isEditable

        boolean isEditable()
        Tests if this model can be modified. Modification of a model that is not editable will result in CoreException being thrown.
        true if this model can be modified
      • isValid

        boolean isValid()
        Tests if this model valid. When models are loaded from the file, they may pass the syntax error checking and load all the model objects. However, some of the objects may contain invalid values that make the model unusable.
        true only if the model can be safely used in all computations.