Class NewPackageWizardPage

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage

    public class NewPackageWizardPage
    extends NewContainerWizardPage
    Wizard page to create a new package.

    Note: This class is not intended to be subclassed, but clients can instantiate. To implement a different kind of a new package wizard page, extend NewContainerWizardPage.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NewPackageWizardPage

        public NewPackageWizardPage()
        Creates a new NewPackageWizardPage
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init​(IStructuredSelection selection)
        The wizard owning this page is responsible for calling this method with the current selection. The selection is used to initialize the fields of the wizard page.
        selection - used to initialize the fields
      • createControl

        public void createControl​(Composite parent)
      • setFocus

        protected void setFocus()
        Sets the focus to the package name input field.
      • handleFieldChanged

        protected void handleFieldChanged​(String fieldName)
        Description copied from class: NewContainerWizardPage
        Hook method that gets called when a field on this page has changed. For this page the method gets called when the source folder field changes.

        Every sub type is responsible to call this method when a field on its page has changed. Subtypes override (extend) the method to add verification when a own field has a dependency to an other field. For example the class name input must be verified again when the package field changes (check for duplicated class names).

        handleFieldChanged in class NewContainerWizardPage
        fieldName - The name of the field that has changed (field id). For the source folder the field id is CONTAINER
      • getPackageText

        public String getPackageText()
        Returns the content of the package input field.
        the content of the package input field
      • isCreatePackageDocumentation

        public boolean isCreatePackageDocumentation()
        Returns the content of the create package documentation input field.
        the content of the create package documentation input field
      • setPackageText

        public void setPackageText​(String str,
                                   boolean canBeModified)
        Sets the content of the package input field to the given value.
        str - the new package input field text
        canBeModified - if true the package input field can be modified; otherwise it is read-only.
      • getModifiedResource

        public IResource getModifiedResource()
        Returns the resource handle that corresponds to the element that was created or will be created.
        A resource or null if the page contains illegal values.
      • getRunnable

        public IRunnableWithProgress getRunnable()
        Returns a runnable that creates a package using the current settings.
        the runnable that creates the new package
      • getNewPackageFragment

        public IPackageFragment getNewPackageFragment()
        Returns the created package fragment. This method only returns a valid value after getRunnable or createPackage have been executed.
        the created package fragment
      • createPackage

        public void createPackage​(IProgressMonitor monitor)
                           throws CoreException,
        Creates the new package using the entered field values.
        monitor - a progress monitor to report progress. The progress monitor must not be null
        CoreException - Thrown if creating the package failed.
        InterruptedException - Thrown when the operation has been canceled.