Class NewJavaProjectWizardPageTwo

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage

    public class NewJavaProjectWizardPageTwo
    extends JavaCapabilityConfigurationPage
    The second page of the New Java project wizard. It allows to configure the build path and output location. As addition to the JavaCapabilityConfigurationPage, the wizard page does an early project creation (so that linked folders can be defined) and, if an existing external location was specified, detects the class path.

    Clients may instantiate or subclass.

    • Method Detail

      • useNewSourcePage

        protected final boolean useNewSourcePage()
        Description copied from class: JavaCapabilityConfigurationPage
        Clients can override this method to choose if the new source page is used. The new source page requires that the project is already created as Java project. The page will directly manipulate the classpath. By default false is returned.
        useNewSourcePage in class JavaCapabilityConfigurationPage
        Returns true if the new source page should be used.
      • createProvisonalProject

        protected IProject createProvisonalProject()
        Creates the provisional project on which the wizard is working on. The provisional project is typically created when the page is entered the first time. The early project creation is required to configure linked folders.
        the provisional project
      • removeProvisonalProject

        protected void removeProvisonalProject()
        Removes the provisional project. The provisional project is typically removed when the user cancels the wizard or goes back to the first page.
      • performCancel

        public void performCancel()
        Called from the wizard on cancel.