Class JavadocExportWizardPage

  • public abstract class JavadocExportWizardPage
    extends Object
    A Javadoc export wizard page allows the user to add an additional page to the Javadoc wizard.

    Clients should extend this class and include the name of their class in an extension contributed to the jdt.ui's Javadoc export wizard page extension point (named org.eclipse.jdt.ui.javadocExportWizardPage ).

    • Constructor Detail

      • JavadocExportWizardPage

        public JavadocExportWizardPage()
    • Method Detail

      • createContents

        public abstract Control createContents​(Composite parent)
        Creates the content of this page under the given parent composite.
        parent - the parent composite
        return the created content
      • updateArguments

        public void updateArguments​(List<String> vmOptions,
                                    List<String> toolOptions)
        Called when the command line arguments are collected. Clients can add or modify arguments.
        vmOptions - A List of String with the VM arguments.
        toolOptions - A List of String with the Javadoc tool arguments. See the Javadoc command specification for the format of the arguments.
      • updateAntScript

        public void updateAntScript​(Element xmlDocument)
        Called when the Javadoc ANT script is generated.
        xmlDocument - The XML element for the 'javadoc' node. Clients can add or modify arguments. See the Javadoc ANT task specification for the format of the arguments.
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Disposes any resources allocated by this dialog page.
      • performHelp

        public void performHelp()
        Notifies that help has been requested for this dialog page.
      • setVisible

        public void setVisible​(boolean visible)
        Called when the page becomes visible or becomes hidden.
        visible - true when the page becomes visible, and false when the page is hidden