Class ProblemsLabelDecorator.ProblemsLabelChangedEvent

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    public static class ProblemsLabelDecorator.ProblemsLabelChangedEvent
    extends LabelProviderChangedEvent
    This is a special LabelProviderChangedEvent carrying additional information whether the event origins from a maker change.

    ProblemsLabelChangedEvents are only generated by ProblemsLabelDecorators.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • ProblemsLabelChangedEvent

        public ProblemsLabelChangedEvent​(IBaseLabelProvider eventSource,
                                         IResource[] changedResource,
                                         boolean isMarkerChange)
        eventSource - the base label provider
        changedResource - the changed resources
        isMarkerChange - true if the change is a marker change; otherwise false
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      • isMarkerChange

        public boolean isMarkerChange()
        Returns whether this event origins from marker changes. If false an annotation model change is the origin. In this case viewers not displaying working copies can ignore these events.
        if this event origins from a marker change.