Class JavaSourceLookupDialog

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    public class JavaSourceLookupDialog
    extends Dialog
    In 3.0, the debug platform provides source lookup facilities that should be used in place of the Java source lookup support provided in 2.0. The new facilities provide a source lookup director that coordinates source lookup among a set of participants, searching a set of source containers. See the following packages: org.eclipse.debug.core.sourcelookup and org.eclipse.debug.core.sourcelookup.containers. This class has been replaced by a dialog in the debug platform - org.eclipse.debug.ui.sourcelookup.SourceLookupDialog.
    A dialog to manipulate the source lookup path for a launch configuration.

    This class may be instantiated.

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    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
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      • JavaSourceLookupDialog

        public JavaSourceLookupDialog​(Shell shell,
                                      String message,
                                      ILaunchConfiguration configuration)
        Constructs a dialog to manipulate the source lookup path of the given launch configuration. The source lookup path is retrieved from the given launch configuration, based on the attributes IJavaLaunchConfigurationConstants.ATTR_DEFAULT_SOURCE_PATH and IJavaLaunchConfigurationConstants.ATTR_SOURCE_PATH. If the user changes the source lookup path and presses "OK", the launch configuration is updated with the new source lookup path.
        shell - the shell to open the dialog on
        message - the message to display in the dialog
        configuration - the launch configuration from which the source lookup path is retrieved and (possibly) updated
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      • isNotAskAgain

        public boolean isNotAskAgain()
        Returns whether the "do not ask again" check box is selected in the dialog.
        whether the "do not ask again" check box is selected in the dialog
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        protected void okPressed()
        okPressed in class Dialog