Interface ICodeFormatter

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        String format​(String string,
                      int indentationLevel,
                      int[] positions,
                      String lineSeparator)
        Formats the String sourceString, and returns a string containing the formatted version.
        string - the string to format
        indentationLevel - the initial indentation level, used to shift left/right the entire source fragment. An initial indentation level of zero has no effect.
        positions - an array of positions to map. These are character-based source positions inside the original source, arranged in non-decreasing order, for which corresponding positions in the formatted source will be computed (so as to relocate elements associated with the original source). It updates the positions array with updated positions. If set to null, then no positions are mapped.
        lineSeparator - the line separator to use in formatted source, if set to null, then the platform default one will be used.
        the formatted output string.