What's New in 4.9 (PDE)

Here are descriptions of some of the more interesting or significant changes made to the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) for the 4.9 release of Eclipse. They are grouped into:

See also the Eclipse Platform What's New and JDT What's New documents.

We also recommend to read the Tips and Tricks.

Dialogs, Wizards and Views

Show Command Line button in PDE Launch Configuration A new button Show Command Line has been added in the PDE launch configuration dialog.

Clicking the button will open a dialog to show the command line used for launching the application.
Extension point description on dark theme When extension point descriptions were displayed in a wizard page, the text background and foreground were not styled correctly for the dark theme. This has now been corrected.

PDE Compiler

Relaxed scheduling rule for builders The scheduling rule for PDE builders was relaxed. Instead of using the workspace root, it now uses a composition of all PDE projects.

As a result, distinct PDE projects won't build in parallel, but PDE doesn't prevent independent non-PDE projects from building in parallel.